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We are taking the following precautions due to the COVID-19 virus. All of our technicians have masks, glasses, latex gloves and shoe booties if they have to enter your home. Our technicians also have hand sanitizer and disinfectants that they use after every call.

If we are there to do maintenance and we don’t have to come inside your home to get to the equipment, we are asking homeowners to adjust the thermostat for us so we can do the system maintenance without entering the home. We will not be shaking hands and will keep our distance from customers.

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Humidifier Installation & Replacement Northwest Arkansas, River Valley and Southwest Missouri

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Humidifier Installation & Replacement in Northwest Arkansas

Is your home affected by high indoor humidity? Contact our experts today to learn more about your options for whole-home humidifier installation. We proudly serve the Northwest Arkansas, Fort Smith, & SW Missouri areas.

Improve your indoor comfort during the muggy season with a whole-home humidifier. At Paschal Air, Plumbing & Electric we can help you install a high-quality humidifier to complement your HVAC system and provide you with comprehensive indoor humidity control.

Give us a call today to schedule a consultation for humidifier installation or replacement in Northwest Arkansas.

What is the Ideal Indoor Humidity Level for Your Home?

Maintaining an indoor humidity level between 30 and 60 percent is the best way to enjoy consistent indoor comfort without causing problems such as mold. After installing your new whole-home humidifier, we recommend trying out different humidity settings until you find the one that best meets the needs of your household.

What to Expect During the Humidifier Installation Process

Before we begin setting up your new equipment, we will first take a look at your HVAC system and make sure there are no pre-existing issues that need to be resolved in preparation for humidifier installation.

We will then determine the right humidifier size based on the size of your property, present you with product options to meet your specific needs, and provide you with an upfront estimate so you can easily make the right decision for your household.

Which Type of Humidifier Should You Install for Your Northwest Arkansas Home?

Ready to move forward with humidifier installation? Let us help you choose the right type of system that will best meet your goals and budget.

  • Bypass humidifiers: If you are looking for a system that’s easier on the budget but still provides the efficient humidity control you need, we recommend bypass humidifiers. These systems typically work in conjunction with your furnace to supply moist air through your home or business.
  • Fan-powered humidifiers: Unlike bypass systems, fan-powered humidifiers work separately from the furnace. They come with a dedicated fan to provide your home with dry air, so you won’t need to turn on your furnace to humidify your home.

No matter which system you choose, our experts will provide you with a top-notch product and ensure the safe installation of your new humidifier.

Contact us today to request an estimate for whole-home Humidifier installation or replacement in Northwest Arkansas.

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