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heating and AC, plumbing & electric

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April 9, 2013

Heat Pump Problems and Troubleshooting Tips

Heat Pump Problems and Troubleshooting TipsHeat pump problems can occur at any time, leaving you in an uncomfortable situation and wondering what to do next. It does not matter what the weather is like outside, hot or cold; no one wants to be in a home that is an uncomfortable temperature. There are some common heat pump problems and troubleshooting tips to try before calling a professional.

Following are some common problems that can occur with your heat pump:

  • Unit will not turn on
  • Not producing warm or cool air
  • Unit has visible icing
  • Heat pump is not cycling correctly, either turning on too often or rarely
  • Blower fan is not running

Troubleshooting tips that could solve your system’s problem:

  • Check your thermostat; ensure that all settings are correct
  • Look at the breaker box to make sure the appliance is getting power; reset circuit breakers if needed
  • Check the unit’s air filter; clean or replace as needed
  • Check rooms, ensure registers are open and move objects that could be blocking them
  • Inspect the outdoor unit; check for yard debris, ice or snow and remove if necessary

When to turn your unit off and call for help:

  • The troubleshooting tips do not work
  • You smell a strange odor coming from the equipment
  • The unit has an extensive amount of ice build-up
  • Your heat pump is making a squealing or grinding noise

Even if one of the troubleshooting tips works for you, you should still consider scheduling a preventative maintenance check to ensure your unit is operating correctly. An experienced HVAC contractor will inspect your system and find any small problems before they become major ones. A professional should only do repairs, as some components in your unit can be easily damaged.

For additional advice about heat pump problems other home comfort issues, please contact us at Paschal Heat, Air, Geothermal & Generators. We have been serving Northwest Arkansas with integrity for more than 30 years.

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