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Is your air conditioner struggling to cool your home? According to Energy Star – a U.S Environmental Protection Agency voluntary program, most modern HVAC systems or air conditioners are built to last an average of 15 years, completely dependent on make & model, as well as your climate, how often you run the system, and how often your air conditioner is maintained.

Your air conditioner is something most of us take for granted, and never really give any consideration to until it breaks down & leaves us vulnerable to the elements. When this happens, you’ll rush to find an HVAC company to come to your home, and hope they provide a quick & easy fix. However, sometimes these “quick & easy fixes” can’t actually be completed easily, quickly, or even cheaply.

When this happens, you have a pretty big decision to make: repair or replace your existing air conditioner system? How can you know what the best decision is for you, your home, & your wallet?


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February 2, 2016

How To Maintain Your HVAC System


Nearly everyone uses HVAC systems on a regular basis. Unfortunately, while HVAC is a central and imperative part of our lives and overall comfort, these systems are usually neglected until they fall apart and require major electrical repair. The good news is that you can do some simple maintenance to protect your HVAC components and extend their service life. 

Keeping Things Clean

This is one of the best ways you can help your HVAC system stay in great shape and avoid costly electrical repair in the future. Having your ventilation systems cleaned once a year will prevent the buildup of harmful dust and debris that can be hazardous to breathe in and can even cause fires. Inspect your furnace and AC units as well to make sure the filters are clean and allowing proper airflow, otherwise you may not be getting the most efficiency out of your system.

Fixing the Little Things

If you are able to keep your HVAC system clean and inspect it on a regular basis, you will have more opportunities to improve its service life. Most furnaces, air conditioners and ventilation fans come with an owners manual that has a maintenance checklist and time table. By inspecting your system components every few months and looking for all of the items on the checklist you will ensure that your system stays healthy. In addition, if you do find a damaged item in your routine inspections you have the ability to get it fixed before it causes greater damage down the road.

Taking the time out to look around your HVAC system on a regular basis and keep it well maintained is the real key to preventing electrical repair down the road. Your system will stay in better shape and you won’t worry about the huge expense that comes with replacing any of the major HVAC units in your house.

For more information about HVAC maintenance and repair, contact Paschal Heat & AC. They are leading the way to better HVAC services. They are happy to discuss your HVAC needs with you and answer any questions you have about proper maintenance and cleaning techniques to keep your system in great shape.