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September 11, 2014

Planning a Remodel? Plan for Your HVAC System

Planning a Remodel? Plan for Your HVAC SystemDon’t let a home remodel project lead to a costly HVAC system repair in your home. Dirt and debris that finds its way into the heating and cooling system components may cause damage and lower energy efficiency. Dirt may accumulate on the fan, coils, and other areas of the system. Indoor air quality may also suffer from this condition. There are some steps you can take to plan for your HVAC system during construction.

Ways to Protect Your HVAC System During a Remodel

  • Discuss the project with your HVAC contractor – A remodel project may require changes to your ductwork or other parts of the HVAC equipment. Reviewing the plans a professional can prevent an expensive alteration in the system when the job is complete.
  • Close and seal registers – Dirt and debris can enter the ductwork from the registers. Prevent this by closing registers in the work areas. Try to limit the use of the heating and cooling system if possible during construction.
  • Clean the work area often – Keeping the work area as clean as possible will reduce dust and dirt from being carried to other areas in the home and possibly drawn into the air ducts.
  • Change the air filter often – Despite all your efforts to keep dirt out of the ductwork, there will still be enough entering to cause a buildup on the air filter. Install a new filter often during construction and replace again when the job is complete.
  • Do cutting and sanding outside – Try to do work that produces excessive amounts of dust outside of the house. Any dust that can be prevented from entering the home will be less to remove later.

After the remodel is finished, you may want to consider an inspection and cleaning of the HVAC system. A professional can inspect the blower fan, ductwork, and coil to ensure there is no buildup of debris anywhere in the system.

Please contact Paschal Heat, Air, and Gelothermal to discuss a plan for your HVAC system during a remodel. We have been proudly serving Springdale and Northwest Arkansas Since 1968.

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