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Indoor Air Quality

Air Filters Serving Arkansas, Texas & Missouri

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Air Filter Replacements

Having air quality problems? It might be time to switch out that old air filter! Contact our experts at Paschal Air, Plumbing & Electric for professional AC maintenance and air filter replacement services in Northwest Arkansas.

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One of the most important steps to AC care and maintenance is filter replacement. Regularly replacing the air filter will help your AC system last longer, work more efficiently, and provide you with greater indoor comfort.

Neglecting air filter replacement can cause the evaporator coils in the indoor unit to freeze or the blower to become damaged, which in turn can result in a lack of airflow or cool air throughout your home. Dirty air filters can also result in poor indoor air quality and affect more sensitive household members with allergies, asthma, or other respiratory conditions.

Our experts at Paschal Air, Plumbing & Electric provide full-service AC solutions that include system maintenance and tune-ups. As part of our maintenance services, we provide air filter replacements and can also help you select the right type of filter that best meets your indoor comfort goals.

How Often Do Air Filters Need to Be Replaced?

Frequency of air filter replacement will differ with every household. The average time between filter replacements is 3 months. Those with pets or smokers may need to replace the filter more often (every 2 months or so), while households with members suffering from respiratory problems will likely need to replace the air filter every six weeks and may even need to look into whole-home air filtration solutions.

Let Us Help You Choose the Right AC Filter for Your Northwest Arkansas Home

The type of AC filter that’s used will also influence frequency of filter replacement.

  • Fiberglass AC Filters
    Most homeowners use fiberglass filters. They are easy on the budget and can provide your system with great airflow. An issue to note with fiberglass filters is that they are not designed to trap smaller particles such as pet dander or dust mites. These filters typically need to be replaced once a month to ensure continued indoor comfort and system efficiency. Due to air quality issues these filters present, we don’t typically recommend these filters to our customers.
  • Pleated AC Filters
    Unlike fiberglass filters, pleated AC filters can be replaced every 2 or 3 months. They have a larger surface area to trap debris, and are more effective at capturing smaller particles and allergens than fiberglass filters. If you require a filter that can provide you with better indoor air quality, we recommend using pleated filters.
  • HEPA Filters
    Are you wondering if you should switch from regular fiberglass or pleated filters to HEPA filters? Households with family members who are affected by chronic respiratory issues often ask if they should be using HEPA filters instead. However, HEPA filters are often incompatible with residential HVAC systems and are typically designed to work more efficiently with heavy-duty commercial equipment.

Enjoy Greater Peace of Mind With Our Northwest Arkansas HVAC Experts

Paschal Air, Plumbing & Electric is committed to helping you reach your indoor comfort goals. Whether you need to tune-up your AC system for the season or you’re looking for recommendations on the best filter options, our experts are here to provide you with the cost-effective solutions you need!

Leave your indoor air quality and air filtration needs to our experts. Contact us today for AC maintenance and filter replacement services in Northwest Arkansas, Missouri, or the Fort
Smith River Valley.

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