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August 16, 2012

Insulation And Ventilation: 2 Remedies For An Attic That's Running A Temp

Insulation And Ventilation: 2 Remedies For An Attic That's Running A TempWhen your attic is running a temperature due to inadequate insulation and ventilation, your whole house gets sick. You may not realize it, but your attic can actually reach temperatures as high as 200 degrees during the summer, and that heat is capable of raising your utility bill by as much as 20 percent. Taking simple measures to ensure proper attic insulation and ventilation will increase your home comfort and lower your energy usage.

Attic insulation

Many homeowners take for granted that their attic space is adequately insulated, but when was the last time you checked? Taking a look at how much insulation your attic is equipped with is a quick way to determine if your air conditioner could run more efficiently. As we all know, heat rises, which means that the majority of your home’s heat is accumulating in the attic. Heat also radiates and will re-enter your home through your ceilings if your attic’s not equipped with enough insulation. This will raise the overall temperature throughout your home, causing your air conditioner to work harder than necessary. When looking at your current insulation, check to see if it’s level with or below the floor joists of your attic. If so, you will need to add more insulation until you cannot see the floor joists.

Attic ventilation

Because heat accumulates in your attic, both insulation and ventilation are required to keep your home cool. If you are unsure about the current ventilation in your attic, take a look at your roofing materials. A telltale sign of an inadequately ventilated attic would be shingles that are curled up on the ends. Be sure to check your current attic vents for debris or clogs to ensure that this is not the culprit. If your vents are clear and your attic still seems too hot, an attic fan may be the answer. Attic fans can be easily installed in the peak of your roof or in a gable wall.

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