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The Experts in Indoor Air Quality

Breathe Pure, Breathe Healthy with REME HALO

In the quest for a healthier indoor environment, Paschal Air, Plumbing & Electric introduces the REME HALO Whole Home In-Duct Air Purifier, a revolutionary solution designed to enhance the air quality of your entire home. Embracing advanced Reflective Electro Magnetic Energy (REME) technology, the REME HALO replicates nature’s air purification process, delivering a cleaner, fresher, and more breathable indoor atmosphere.

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heating and AC, plumbing & electric

  • Unmatched Air Purification
    • The REME HALO stands out for its efficiency in combating a wide array of indoor air pollutants. With its innovative approach, it targets particulates, microbials, and gases, effectively neutralizing dander, dust, pollen, viruses, bacteria, mold, and even odors from trash cans and dirty laundry. It’s a comprehensive solution that ensures every cubic inch of air circulated by your HVAC system is purified.
  • Designed for Whole-Home Coverage
    • Unlike traditional air purifiers that work in isolation, the REME HALO is seamlessly integrated with your existing HVAC system, ensuring that its purifying benefits extend throughout your entire home. It operates silently yet powerfully, actively targeting pollutants and significantly reducing airborne and surface contaminants.
  • Benefits Beyond Air Quality
    • Investing in a REME HALO not only purifies your indoor air but also enhances your overall well-being. By eliminating allergens and irritants, it can alleviate symptoms for those suffering from allergies, asthma, or respiratory conditions, contributing to a healthier living environment. Additionally, its efficiency in air purification can lead to reduced wear on your HVAC system, potentially lowering maintenance and repair costs.
  • Eco-friendly and User-friendly
    • Acknowledging the importance of environmental sustainability, the REME HALO produces a minimal amount of ozone, deemed safe by health officials, and replicates a natural air cleaning process. Its user-friendly design allows for straightforward preventive maintenance, ensuring long-lasting performance and air quality improvement.

heating and AC, plumbing & electric

At Paschal Air, Plumbing & Electric, we’re committed to offering cutting-edge solutions for your home’s health and comfort. The REME HALO represents the pinnacle of air purification technology, promising not just cleaner air, but a healthier lifestyle. Let us guide you through the benefits of REME HALO and how it stands as the superior choice for your home air purification needs.


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