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Is your air conditioner struggling to cool your home? According to Energy Star – a U.S Environmental Protection Agency voluntary program, most modern HVAC systems or air conditioners are built to last an average of 15 years, completely dependent on make & model, as well as your climate, how often you run the system, and how often your air conditioner is maintained.

Your air conditioner is something most of us take for granted, and never really give any consideration to until it breaks down & leaves us vulnerable to the elements. When this happens, you’ll rush to find an HVAC company to come to your home, and hope they provide a quick & easy fix. However, sometimes these “quick & easy fixes” can’t actually be completed easily, quickly, or even cheaply.

When this happens, you have a pretty big decision to make: repair or replace your existing air conditioner system? How can you know what the best decision is for you, your home, & your wallet?


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May 24, 2016

5 Remedies for Solving Uneven Home Cooling Issues

5 Remedies for Solving Uneven Home Cooling Issues


Solving cooling issues in your home can be a simple solution! These five tips can help you diagnose and hopefully solve any cooling issues you may be having with your air conditioner.



5.  Walk Your System Through

Turn on the unit and begin to walk through where the cooling registers are working. Troubleshooting your cooling issues with simple check and balance logic is the easy way to begin your approach.

4. Examine Your Registers for Air Flow

Your vents are the open door to your home air conditioner so check your vents for full air flow. Chances are when you find one that is not blowing cold the problem will lie directly behind that vent.

3. Check Your Duct work

Check all of your duct work for cracks and places where air is escaping. This is a preventative measure that might have to be maintained with older duct work. Having your duct work replaced can be a simple fix to patching up places where valuable cold air escapes from your home.

2. Examine Your Air Filters

Make sure that your air filters are the right size and thickness for your air conditioner. This may seem unimportant but exhaust fans from your unit push the air through your vents and ducts to your home. The air filters are the beginning of this process and could be blocking valuable cool air from parts of your home.

1. Install Duct Fans

Installing duct fans into your duct work can extend the length and boost your air flow into your home at the same time. This addition can be a seriously good remedy for your air conditioning unit. Offering the boost your system needs via your duct work without replacing the total duct work in your home.

If you find cracks or leaks in your duct work you can easily solve the problems with the proper mending.  Duct leakage can create a serious air flow problem with your home. You can lose up to 10 to 15 percent of your cool air from this issue alone.

If you find you have questions or need help with your air conditioner be sure to call your expert air conditioner repair team at Paschal Heat, Air & Geothermal today.