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Is your air conditioner struggling to cool your home? According to Energy Star – a U.S Environmental Protection Agency voluntary program, most modern HVAC systems or air conditioners are built to last an average of 15 years, completely dependent on make & model, as well as your climate, how often you run the system, and how often your air conditioner is maintained.

Your air conditioner is something most of us take for granted, and never really give any consideration to until it breaks down & leaves us vulnerable to the elements. When this happens, you’ll rush to find an HVAC company to come to your home, and hope they provide a quick & easy fix. However, sometimes these “quick & easy fixes” can’t actually be completed easily, quickly, or even cheaply.

When this happens, you have a pretty big decision to make: repair or replace your existing air conditioner system? How can you know what the best decision is for you, your home, & your wallet?


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June 18, 2015

Learn Why Your Air Conditioner Is Blowing Hot Air

Learn Why Your Air Conditioner Is Blowing Hot AirWith Arkansas’ hot season upon us, if your A/C isn’t delivering cool air to the rooms in your home, you’ve got a problem. If the air conditioner is blowing hot air or neutral air, it could be a result of several issues. Try troubleshooting the problem first, and if that doesn’t bring on the cool air, call your trusted A/C technician.

Possible Reasons Your A/C Isn’t Cooling

  • First check the simplest potential issue — the thermostat setting. If the thermostat inadvertently got switched from “cool” to “heat,” that would explain why the air conditioner is blowing hot air. Similarly, if the thermostat’s fan setting is adjusted to “fan only” or “on” instead of “auto,” the fan will operate continuously whether the A/C is operating or not. The air coming out of the registers will be room temperature.
  • Another reason for the A/C to fail in its mission to cool your home is a lack of airflow. This could occur inside the house if objects such as furniture, rugs or boxes are covering cooling vents and registers. Or it could occur outside if yard debris, such as dead leaves, brush and grass clippings, is blocking airflow into the condenser/compressor unit.
  • A dirty air filter is another explanation for an air conditioner that’s not delivering cool air. If the filter has been allowed to get clogged with dirt and dust, the air conditioner will have to work harder to circulate air through the system and around your home. It will take longer to cool your home, and some rooms may not get cool at all.
  • If the A/C’s heat exchange coils are dirty — the evaporator coil inside and the condensing coil outside — that will restrict the vital process by which refrigerant absorbs heat energy in your home and removes it, producing cool air. While some homeowners may be able to clean the coils, this job is best left to professionals.

If your air conditioner is blowing hot air, or just not delivering air that’s cool enough to make you comfortable, please contact us at Paschal Heat, Air & Geothermal. We proudly serve Northwest Arkansas.

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