heating and AC, plumbing & electric
heating and AC, plumbing & electric

We are taking the following precautions due to the COVID-19 virus. All of our technicians have masks, glasses, latex gloves and shoe booties if they have to enter your home. Our technicians also have hand sanitizer and disinfectants that they use after every call.

If we are there to do maintenance and we don’t have to come inside your home to get to the equipment, we are asking homeowners to adjust the thermostat for us so we can do the system maintenance without entering the home. We will not be shaking hands and will keep our distance from customers.

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May 2, 2017

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An HVAC system cools your home in the summer and keeps it warm in the winter. Without an efficient, fully-functioning HVAC system, your home won’t be as comfortable, and you may pay more in utilities on inefficient appliances. There are a variety of service options available to improve or maintain your HVAC system, each of which are provided by the professionals at Paschal Heat, Air & Geothermal

Residential and Commercial Systems

Residential and commercial facilities use slightly different HVAC systems. Due to the large nature of commercial systems, it takes certified technicians to work with the equipment. Paschal is able to work with both residential and commercial HVAC systems, from industrial air conditioners to smaller home furnaces. There is no system too large or too small for the pros at Paschal. 


A geothermal system is a great way to increase efficiency within a property, and it works by drawing air from the ground. Geothermal systems pump warmer air during the winter and cooler air during the summer, making it an excellent method for reducing energy costs throughout the year. From maintaining a current geothermal system to installing a new one, Paschal has you covered.


Generators are valuable additions to both residential and commercial properties, because they provide a backup energy option during power outages. The comfort specialists at Paschal can help you choose the best generator for your property, install the new generator and maintain the system. 

Identify Indoor Air Quality Solutions

At Paschal Heat, Air & Geothermal, you have access to some of the best quality service professionals in the area. From annual inspections to installing new systems, Paschal is the HVAC service provider for you. So, whether you have a question, are ready to have a new system installed in your home or just want to schedule a general inspectioncall your local HVAC professionals today!

Summary: From annual inspections to installing brand new systems within your home, you’ll find all the quality service you need from Paschal Heat, Air & Geothermal.