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January 19, 2012

Cold And Flu Season's Almost Here -- UV Lights Can Help You Fend It Off

Cold And Flu Season's Almost Here -- UV Lights Can Help You Fend It OffCold and flu season is almost upon us and many homeowners aren’t familiar with a simple installation that can help them fend off these germs within their homes. Ultraviolet (UV) lights are affordable and, more importantly, effective germicidal instruments that can help keep you and your family healthy.

Because modern homes are built to keep them as airtight as possible, once germs enter your home, they are essentially trapped inside. There isn’t a simple and natural way for them to get ventilated outside so they simply continue to circulate through your home. Once just one household member brings in germs, they proliferate and spread.

UV lights prevent this from happening by killing off dangerous microorganisms that enter your air system. The low levels of UV radiation that they emit completely alter the DNA of harmful contaminants like fungi, yeast and bacteria, making them unable to reproduce and no longer a threat.

HVAC experts can install these lights into your air system so that they expose as much air as possible. The ideal placement is usually near the coil of your HVAC system so that they can also disinfect important equipment in your air system.

Once they are installed, the lamps stay on. This allows them to continue to purify air as it circulates regardless of whether or not your HVAC system is on. UV lights can be retrofitted to old air systems or easily included in new installations.

The positive effect of UV light on indoor air quality has long been documented. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention noticed their effectiveness at stopping the spread of disease and recommends their use in hospitals. Large corporate buildings often utilize them to keep their staff from getting each other sick and requiring more sick days. They are also affordable enough for anyone to get them installed in their home.

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