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January 16, 2017

The Most Efficient Heating System is One You Maintain Well! | Paschal

The most efficient heating system for your home is one that is energy efficient! There are a lot of options, and you can even use some systems in combination, to get the most efficient system. When we talk about efficiency, we should also keep in mind that this can be economic, environmental or even energy efficiency.

HVAC systems are getting more efficient as time goes along, and if your system is older, a new system could actually save you money in the long run. There is the initial cost of the new system, but a new system would likely be much more efficient and would result in lower utility bills that would eventually cost less.

Types of systems

There are several times of systems, including:



Wood burning

Heat pump

Natural gas



Making it efficient

There are various reasons to choose any system, and to some degree your personal preference will play a big role. Any system depends on regular maintenance such as changing filters. Having your home insulated well, and avoiding leakage of heat, are also things that can have a big impact on your heating bill, which is an efficiency issue. There are positives and drawbacks to any heating system, and your own habits will affect the overall efficiency to a large degree.

There are ratings such as SEER, for cooling, and HSPF for heating, which give some indication of how energy efficient a system is. It is a good idea to compare efficiency ratings to get the most efficient heating system.

To find out more about the best systems in the Northwest Arkansas region, contact Paschal Heat, Air & Geothermal. We are your source for the most efficient heating systems, and we can take your preferences into consideration as we help you develop the best system for your situation.

There are many heating systems to choose from. A new system might be worth the investment, and maintenance also has a lot of impact on your overall heating efficiency.