heating and AC, plumbing & electric
heating and AC, plumbing & electric

We are taking the following precautions due to the COVID-19 virus. All of our technicians have masks, glasses, latex gloves and shoe booties if they have to enter your home. Our technicians also have hand sanitizer and disinfectants that they use after every call.

If we are there to do maintenance and we don’t have to come inside your home to get to the equipment, we are asking homeowners to adjust the thermostat for us so we can do the system maintenance without entering the home. We will not be shaking hands and will keep our distance from customers.

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July 18, 2017

How Your HVAC Company Should Treat You | PaschalCorp

Customer service is what differentiates good companies from bad, even in the HVAC industry. The best service brings customers back. Bad service not only drives away customers, it also drives away their friends and family. That is why customer service is a top priority here!

How Your HVAC Company Should Treat You

Courtesy. When you call for an HVAC repair, the first thing you should here is a friendly, courteous person on the other end of the phone. That same courtesy should be seen in the technician who arrives to do the repair and from any other person you might encounter from the company.

Active listening skills. You know that your HVAC system is not running right. The technician should listen to what you are saying and ask questions as necessary to get a clear picture of what is going on.
Ongoing training and certification. HVAC technology continues to change every year. To keep up, technicians need ongoing training and certification to meet customer needs. A big smile doesn’t do much if the technician can’t fix the system.

Quick response. You need your heating or cooling system fixed now, not in a few days. When you call in, you should get a live person to pick up during normal hours. When you call after hours, you should get a callback quickly. And any email you send should be responded to quickly.

Keeping you updated. You should never be in the dark as to what the technician is doing. He or she should provide updates on the diagnosis, potential costs, and progress on the repair. If the technician needs to leave to go get a part, that information should be imparted to you immediately.

Product awareness. HVAC companies do more than make repairs. They install and upgrade systems. They install air filtration systems. They design and install zoned ductwork. Some install geothermal systems and generators. Their customer service representatives and technicians need to know these products and be able to answer questions about them.

Are You Getting the Customer Service You Deserve?

The last time you had to call an HVAC company, how were you treated? Here at Paschal Heat Air & Geothermal, we want you to have the best service possible. Give us a call and see the difference.

Customer service is your right as an HVAC customer. Call Paschal Heat Air & Geothermal for the best service possible.