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February 9, 2021

Air Purification: The Difference Between the iWave & Reme Halo

Many homeowners are beginning to address their health concerns at one major source: the quality of the air we breathe. At Paschal, we have vetted two products on the market that are guaranteed to cleanse the air you breathe in your home or business.

What about a whole-home purification system? We’re here to walk you through the differences between two of the most popular home purification systems money can buy: the iWave and the REME HALO

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iWave and REME HALO 101

The iWave is a whole-home air purifying system that attaches to any ducted air conditioning system. The iWave emits positive and negative ions, which break down pollutants into harmless oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and water vapor molecules. The ions can also cause pollutants to stick together, making them big enough for your air filter to catch. Say goodbye to pathogens, allergens, particles, smoke, and mystery smells!

REME HALO is very similar, but it uses a different process to remove all the nasty stuff from your home: Reflective Electromagnetic Energy technology. When this electricity meets hydrogen and oxygen in our air, the negative charge of the electricity activates those molecules, producing hydrogen peroxide plasma. This “cleans” your air and gets rid of all the pollutants we usually breathe.

The Major Benefits of iWave and REME HALO

They purify your whole home. Both the iWave and REME HALO attach to your current HVAC system, which means your entire home gets the purifying benefits, instead of just one room.

They attack all three types of pollutants. Both products work to eliminate particulates, microbials, and gases from your home’s air. This pretty much covers everything: dander, dust, pollen, viruses, bacteria, mold, and nasty trash can and dirty laundry smells.

They’re silent. Most room-to-room purifiers are noisy. The REME HALO and iWave both deliver fresh air in total silence.

They can save you money. Reduced pollutants means less wear-and-tear on your HVAC unit and your health. Without irritants in your air, you, your family, and your wallet can breathe easier!

The Differences Between iWave and REME HALO

REME HALO takes a more active approach. With the REME HALO, the pollutants are actively targeted by the oxidation process. This eliminates a good portion of them before they even reach the filter. iWave does this with its own process, but it doesn’t actively target as many pollutants as the REME HALO.

REME HALO requires installation. It’s recommended you call in the pros to install your REME HALO. You can install the iWave yourself in about 15 minutes.

REME HALO emits ozone. iWave doesn’t emit anything but clean air. The REME HALO produces a small amount of ozone, which gets released into your home and the surrounding atmosphere. The amount of ozone is deemed safe by U.S. health officials, but it’s still something to consider.

iWave is less expensive. There’s a pretty small cost difference between the iWave and the REME HALO, but if cost is your #1 factor, this might help you choose! The iWave is about $400 with no installation costs. The REME HALO is around $500 plus installation.

iWave has zero maintenance. This is probably the biggest difference between the products. The iWave certainly wins this category, with self-cleaning capabilities and no replacement parts necessary. The REME HALO has a couple of replacement parts to address annually.

Should I Install an Air Purifier in My Home?

We can’t guarantee either product will eliminate the threat of COVID-19. But the benefits of a whole-home purification system can’t be overstated. As your Northwest Arkansas, Fort Smith River Valley & Missouri HVAC experts, we can help you at every step. Give us a call for your recommendation, installation, and maintenance needs!

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