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May 5, 2022

Low Water Pressure in Your Home? Here's What to Check.

Nobody likes a weak shower. It’s incredibly disappointing when all you need is a hearty, high-pressured hot shower and nothing but a slow, sad stream of water trickles from the shower head. Before you reach that breaking point, there are things you can do to prevent, mitigate or fix your water-pressure problem.  Some are DIY, while others require a professional plumber to get you back to that high-powered, invigorating shower experience you require.

Get A Water Pressure Test Gauge 

What is an ideal water pressure? Typically 60 is a good water pressure reading. Anything below 50 is considered low. Eighty or above is too high. You can test your home’s water pressure by using a water pressure gauge you can buy at a hardware store or through many online retailers.
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Lingering Leaks

Leaky pipes are a huge culprit for lowering water pressure. Lingering leaks might slowly drop pressure over time. Older homes are especially vulnerable to this type of problem, since galvanized pipes often weaken over time and are susceptible to breakage. A partial pipe replacement might be required to fix the leak. Newer homes are less likely to leak, since PVC, pex or copper pipes are more common in today’s construction.

You can test over a few hours for a leak using this DIY method. Start by shutting off your water main for an hour or so and tracking your meter. If the meter keeps going while your water main is off, it indicates a leak.

A sudden drop in water pressure could be a symptom of a substantial leak and a professional plumber should be called asap to check the plumbing and keep any damage to a minimum.

Check Your Water Source

It’s important to know where your water comes from. Some households are connected to a municipal water system, while others might draw from a well. If you’re connected to the city’s water supply and you’re experiencing poor water pressure, give your utility company a call to see if anyone else is having problems. If your water is sourced from a well, your water pressure issues might be caused by a faulty pump.

Check Your Water Main Valve

This may seem like a “no-duh” step, but checking the water main valve of your home might just be the quickest, cheapest DIY fix ever. Opening that valve a little more may boost your water pressure. Often the main water valve is left only half-open to conserve water.
Don’t know where your water shut off valve is located? No worries, Paschal has you covered. Click this link for a how-to guide.

Soften the Water in Your Home

Lack of water pressure could be hard water, which is riddled with minerals and other sediments. That stuff can build up, hindering that heavenly high-pressure. You can mitigate that mineral buildup on your shower heads and faucets. A simple overnight soaking of vinegar and baking soda. Put the mixture in a plastic bag and use a rubber band to secure it around the faucet or shower head. By morning a lot of that gunk will be dissolved.

Getting your silky-smooth, perfectly pressurized shower could be as easy as installing a water softener to filter out those hard-water minerals. Installing a water softener system is one of those things that should be left up to the pros. Paschal offers free quotes on water softener systems. Call today to visit with one of our #PaschalProfessionals and schedule your in-home estimate.

Pump Up the Low Water Pressure

Sometimes it takes a little more elbow grease to pick up the water pressure in your home. Installing a water pressure booster in your home might just be the ticket. A booster will give water that extra power to overcome any gravity or distance issues from the water source to your home. This takes a little diagnostic work to figure out if it’s the best solution. A local plumber can help you out there too!

Find the Right Fit

Weak water pressure might be a symptom that your pipes are too small to accommodate your fixtures. This is often noticed by a professional plumber investigating water pressure issues, after people do home renovations. Families will add additional bathrooms or change kitchen sinks and find the plumbing was not installed with the right size pipes. This ends up being a supply issue and not a pressure issue. A plumber can help find the fit for your fixtures and get the water flowing better.

Contact a Professional Plumber

Sometimes it’s best to call in the pros! Paschal has a team of Professional People who offer Professional Service. Paschal Air, Plumbing and Electric can help troubleshoot and perform diagnostics to get your water pressure at its prime. Schedule service by calling 479-900-0784 or book online at www.GoPaschal.com.