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February 25, 2016

Professional Preventive Maintenance Will Pay Off Later

HVAC Maitenance

Spring is the season to get your central air conditioner ready for another hot summer. After a long winter idle, seasonal start-up of an A/C system provides an excellent opportunity for professional preventive maintenance, as well as a few easy DIY chores for you. Steps you take this spring will pay off later as summer temperatures rise. Start planning now to bring your central air conditioner up to summer operating condition and maximize household comfort as well, lower operating costs and greater reliability. 

Schedule Annual Maintenance

It’s the season to have a qualified HVAC technician fully check out your cooling system and perform a checklist of manufacturer-recommended preventive maintenance. Not only does this ensure maximum cooling efficiency for the coming season, it also gives a trained technician the opportunity to spot any incipient issues that might turn into major breakdowns later this summer. Another reason to make professional maintenance a regular ritual of spring: Most manufacturer’s warranties require proof of annual maintenance by a qualified technician to keep the warranty terms valid.

Change The Air Filter

This one’s for you. There’s no system specification in a central A/C more critical than proper airflow. A dirty filter reduces airflow and everything else—energy efficiency, cooling comfort and system reliability—go down with it, too.  It’s an easy DIY procedure but if you don’t know how, ask the field tech who does the annual system checkup to show you. From then on, change the air filter monthly all summer long.

Check The Outdoor Unit

Make sure the outside half of the system has unobstructed air circulation on all sides and the top. Remove the winter cover if one’s in place and/or any other objects placed atop the unit during the off-season. Cut back any encroaching weeds or other vegetation to ensure two feet of open space on all sides.

Your central air conditioner is designed and engineered for long service life and reliable operation.  However, these values all assume proper seasonal maintenance and routine upkeep. That’s a job for the qualified HVAC professionals at Paschal Heat, Air & Geothermal. For the homeowner, getting it  done now means cool comfort and efficiency when it counts, during the upcoming summer.

To schedule annual preventive maintenance on your central air conditioner, as well as get expert advice on what you can do yourself to optimize system performance, in northwest Arkansas contact Paschal Heat, Air & Geothermal.